Friday, March 20, 2009

Flock Achieved!

We officially have our flock together. Our two older barred rocks have been enjoying the coop full time for several weeks now, but the younger bird, CheepersV, has been spending her (oh please, let it be a 'her') nights inside the cage in the garage. Sure, we've been putting the little one with the big birds during the day but we pull her back in at night time because she's five weeks younger than the other birds. We were being cautious because we didn't know how they'd act once we locked them up in the coop together overnight.

But last night we decided to let CheepersV have her first "sleep over" and it went incredibly well.

We went out to check on the birds just after dusk and at first we couldn't find the little one. Turns out she was on the roost, snuggled between the two other birds. Perfect! So, even though the bigger ones will occasionally chase the little one when they're "free ranging" in the back yard (and really, it's minor stuff), at bed time, they're all buddies.

Looks like we'll get the garage back this weekend!

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