Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The compost pile was at 155F last night when I checked. That is a new all-time record for our composting efforts. This is great news as the stuff we pulled out of the chicken run continues to run hot. The problem is the smell (a little like urine/ammonia, bleh). I think we need more browns in there (I need to remember to throw in the spoiled hay we have...). I'm hoping the neighbors haven't really noticed yet.

We try to keep two batches going. The first side is the "in progress" stuff where we're throwing new stuff, and the second side is the "finishing" side where we let it just sit there and finish up. Our finished side is, well, finished and so we're looking to use it to amend soil/etc.


  1. If you need more brown for the compost, take a garbage bag over to O.K. Lumber in San Carlos (there by Ducky's Car Wash/Home Depot) and you can take away their sawdust for free, as much as you can carry.

    It worked really well on our pile.

  2. Good idea! (and I live about .5 mile from there...)