Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Harvesting / Some Planting

Due to the mice, we pulled out all of the tomatoes. Wow, we had a LOT of tomatoes growing in that box! As we cut and pulled, we kept finding more and more half-eaten fruit. It was a painful process. In the end, though we found ourselves with more tomatoes that we could eat anyway. Too bad they're all green. We're hoping to ripen them indoors -- many of them are still on large sections of vine.

So, the potatoes weren't too big, but the kids had fun digging them up.

And there are still some cucumbers growing out there:

And where we once had tomatoes, we've planted a bunch of lettuce starts.

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  1. Lovely harvest! I made a giant batch of tomatoe sauce yesterday, but am sure that I will end up with many green tomatoes as our weather is turning cold. I have a lovely recipe for green tomatoe jam, if you are interested.