Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Moment of Pomegranate Truth

It started raining here this weekend and so I thought it was about time to harvest the pomegranates. Here's what they looked like after I brought them inside:

 (click for larger view)

 That one on the right is really big... And then I couldn't wait and decided to open the largest one right away. The skin/rind was spongy and the fruit was light for its size, so I didn't have high expectations. In fact, while I was peeling it open, a spider crawled out of of the bud end and scared me. Sigh. Anyway, the seeds were still sour, so I obviously picked them too soon, but they sure are pretty!

Next season I plan on thinning the fruit myself (rather than letting various animals do it) and leaving them on the tree a bit longer.

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