Saturday, February 18, 2012

Preparedness -- One More Step

Today I finished putting together the emergency kit for our pets. We don't have a zoo-ful, but we do have three chickens and two cats. I filled a Gamma Vittles Vault with chicken food and another with cat supplies. The containers are a bit spendy but I got them on sale and the lids make it so the food will last and not get discovered by insects. We'll rotate the food every couple of months.

I also put a 5 gallon bottle of water into the shed as well. One thing I keep forgetting to do is print out pictures of the cats for the go bag. And this is plain silly! Today I cleaned off the desk in the office as well the table by our front door and found 4 separate notes reminding me to "print cat pics" -- sheesh!

Now, what to do with the remaining 2.5 days of the weekend?

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