Monday, August 6, 2012


We finally got around to working on the gourd bird houses. If  you'll recall, our younger daughter came home from school early two springs ago with a "birdhouse gourd" plant she had started in class.

Well, they were done drying out a while ago, but we finally got around to cutting the holes and cleaning them out. Or rather, I cut the holes and the girls cleaned them out.

In the end, the girls decided not to paint them -- they liked the natural look best. Now we'll wait and see if anyone moves in once we've found good places to hang them...


  1. I LOVE those! We've never had luck growing gourds. (I'm jealous)...

  2. I tried to grow gourds once. They were a no show! Your bird houses are very cool.

  3. Thanks! You should see the ones our neighbor grew! They were twice the size of ours. And the irony is that they grew theirs from a plant we gave them. My daughter actually brought home two gourd plants so we handed one to the neighbors. We both planted them in the same spot in our back yards, on the same weekend, so they got the exact same amount of sun.

    So, was it the soil? Water? Did they fertilize? We didn't bother fertilizing the gourd plant as we didn't see any point in it, but their gourds are huge! :)