Friday, November 9, 2012

Crochet Update

No, I don't think this will turn into a crochet blog any time soon, but you never know... :)

Here's what I worked on recently. It was my first attempt at color changing.

Trust me,  you do not want to see the other side! My joins were TERRIBLE. I know how to do them, but for some reason, I keep doing them in the wrong stitch. I look at it and say "Yes, that's the stitch." but it's not. Alas. I have a hard time seeing the stitches, and my glasses don't help. Maybe I need one of those big magnifying glasses...

I have signed up for a beginner's crochet class, but it doesn't start until January! That's ok, I'll keep banging away at it until then.

Of course, my two lovely daughters fawned over it, and that made me feel (slightly) better. They're so positive!

Not sure what I'll do next, but I do know that I hate this yarn. It's some old craft store stuff my wife had in the closet for 10 - 20 years. I crocheted some stuff with wool and loved working with that, so I'm only using this acrylic stuff for practice.

I like making objects (bags) more than the idea of making a shirt/sweater/etc. Not sure what's next. A cowl maybe? Those seem popular these days... A scarf?

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  1. Well now. If you learn how to spin, you can make your own yarns! ;)

    I hear you about those joins, too.