Saturday, February 16, 2013


After taking about 4 months off from laying (last egg in 2012 was laid the first week of October, and the first one of 2013 was laid the 10th of February), the birds are finally (mostly) back at it. In 6 days, the three birds have given us 8 eggs.

We're looking at a noticeable drop in laying this year, but that just means we won't have extras to give away. Next year, though, might be the year that we have to start making some tough decisions...

In other garden news, bugs have begun infesting our "space broccoli" (can't recall of the top of my head what it's really called, but it's got these little pyramid shaped bumps that form in a spiral cone...) and so we're trying to find a good way to rid the plants of them. We ripped out two plants that were just too infested. The bugs seem to have sprung up over night.

All of the daffodils are blooming and spring seems just around the corner. We have some other bulbs that we planted a bit late, and so we're hoping that they still get a chance to bloom this year.

Time to start thinking about getting the garden planted for the spring/summer.


  1. Romanesco, but "Space Broccoli" isn't bad. (I might have called it "Martian Broccoli".) Too bad about the bugs.

  2. Right!!! Of course. And yes, Martian is probably a much better name, but when the kids like a name, you have to stick with it! ;) Thanks!!!