Sunday, June 23, 2013

Granny Square Quilt: FINALLY

Wow, this one sure did take a while. I took a long break during the "joining" phase but I finally got back around to it and finished it up.

I learned as I went along, so my first few squares were odd shaped, and some were missing a stitch or two, but I kept almost all of them.

The finished blanket is 14 squares by 11 squares. I used whatever yarn I could find, including some really scratchy wool, a few "single square" colors where a neighbor donated some yarn ends, and even some old cotton yarn. My kids helped me with the layout -- went for a diagonal rainbow order, starting over on the same edge each time.

I've been looking over at the crochet supplies recently, and thinking about making more stuff, so I'm thinking maybe some small items for christmas? I guess we'll see...

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