Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaNoWriMo - 2013

This year's writing is going smoothly. I've built up a small cushion, one that I use up during the weekend and spend the next week building back up. I have a great system down and it almost feels... robotic at this point. But fun too.

I find myself thinking about publishing a bit while I'm writing. Not that it changes how or what I write, but I think about the audience a bit more -- something I eschewed before.

Ultimately, I find I enjoy the month and this is my 9th year of writing. That'll be well over 450,000 words.

Once this month is over, I'll spend December (and part of January no doubt) putting the finishing touches on my third middle grade novel for Jute and then... Who knows?

The two (soon to be three!) books I that I published were born of these November larks, and I've really enjoyed that process. (I need to do so much more there though) I have gotten great feedback and the response has been very positive. I still cringe every time someone says they are going to read the book, certain they'll hate it. Alas.

Onward to 50k!

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