Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Nudge...

It seems so much of my slice of the world is in stasis right now.

Garden plans and expansion are on hold while California suffers yet another drought.

Our two chickens are still recovering from the winter molt and the short days. We're looking forward to their return to laying.

And speaking of our hens, we still only have the two. We are handcuffed here, in a holding pattern. We want a third bird; the flock would be better for it. But where to start? We have a 5+ year old hen, and one that is < 1 year old. I suppose the best plan would be to look to adopt a hen around 1 year old. But what we really want to do is to start over with three peeps. The 5 year old barred rock is our favorite, but her two former buddies each died last year and we wonder if she'll be around long. It took a long time for these two birds to get along, and so adding a third would likely mean an extended period where we're having to deal with integration issues.

And the gridlock extends beyond the yard.

I feel the same sense of... frustration? at work, too.

It seems we're letting minor doubts and small inconveniences stop us from moving forward on many projects and decisions, from upgrading our internet service (we work a lot from home and our ancient DSL line is just not keeping up) and doing will/trust/estate planning. We continue to find perfectly valid excuses and roadblocks and reasons why we need to wait or reconsider.

What we need is a catalyst of some kind. Somehow I know that these decisions and projects and plans are all lined up like dominoes and that all it will take to get the whole thing moving is one nudge...

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