Sunday, February 7, 2016

Moving the Raised Beds

Step two in the plan to get a workshop/shed installed means moving the raised beds/bench/boxes to the other side of the yard.

The problem is, they're all filled with wet dirt. That, and lots of tree roots from the neighbor's tree and the recently removed pomegranate tree had found their way into the boxes from below.

But the move went okay. I took my time, did it over a Friday/Saturday/Sunday span, with a few hours each day so I didn't kill myself with all the shoveling.

Moving the boxes to the far end of the yard meant I could re-assemble some of the pieces I didn't like and while it's not as level as we'd like, it's actually in a good place in the yard. Eventually we'll replace most of that lawn with paths, boxes, benches, and maybe some dwarf citrus. I will not miss having to water and mow the lawn!

The next step in the process will be rerouting/capping/re-purposing the existing sprinkler lines/irrigation. That will mean lots of digging and "figuring" stuff out.

Then I'll dig out some room for a gravel pad and we're in business!

Looks like I should go order the shed soon!

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