Sunday, March 27, 2016

Progress Around the Yard

No pictures this time, but this turned out to be quite a productive weekend.

After much discussion, we're leaning toward a 10x10 shed, rather than the 10x12. Why? Well, because the existing cement pad is 10 feed wide. If we go over that width, I have to move twice as much of the existing irrigation/sprinkler system. Keeping it to 10x10 means that I'm done with the lawn removal AND the irrigation changes. In other words, all I need to do now is put in the (much smaller) gravel pad and we're all set.

That means I'll go order the shed this week, if everything works out.

We also planted a ton of stuff. We had a large supply of expired partial packets of seeds, so we threw in lots and lots of seeds, hoping at least some would sprout. In addition, we bought a couple small plants (mostly peppers/etc.) and planted them as well.

We pulled about 25 pounds (no, really!) of weeds and now the front yard looks somewhat respectable again.

We have a "major" issue with the pavers on the side of our house, and fixing that will take a full weekend. We'll need to remove them all, then the sand below them. Then we'll need to fill in the voids below caused when the ground cracked due to the extreme drought. Then we'll put down some good landscape fabric (which should keep the weeds down and hopefully keep the sand in place) before putting it all back in again.

Oh, and while the pavers are out, we'll remove the jungle of weeds that managed to sprout up in all the new spaces between the pavers. It's in the hottest part of the yard, so I've been coming up with some ways to beat the heat and hopefully get the rest of the family to help. It would take me way too long to do it by myself.

And... that's it! Ordering the shed this week if I can swing by the place. Can't wait!

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