Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Screw Box Tower

I used to keep various boxes of screws in the top drawer of an old cabinet/cart I got for free (along with some wood cutoffs). The cart is wobbly but it works ok. But I don't like having open the drawer and to get the screws out every time.

I figured it would be easier just to make a kind of shelf/box/caddy thing for them. So I whipped this up out of more scrap wood. I used the router table to cut the slots, but some of them weren't as straight as I'd like. I cut the slots across a single board and then cut that in half on the table saw so I could be sure the slots would line up.

And here it is in all its utile glory:

What I learned:

  • I need a better way to cut the slots
  • I made it too deep, so it was hard to pull the boxes out. I fixed that but putting a small spacer in the back of the cubbies
  • I made it too narrow the first time, had to go back and re-cut the dividers. Then I realized that I had cut the dividers in a very inefficient way, wasting quite a bit of scrap plywood
  • I didn't need the dado slots on the top and bottom
  • The end result is fairly sturdy and I left room on the top to attach the thing to the wall; however, I wonder if making it into a more portable caddy with a handle on the top would have been better. Maybe for version two...

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