Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now That's a Two Hander!

I can't believe how long it's taking me to finish up the chicken coop! I don't feel like a slacker; however, clearly, slackage occurs. Working in fits and starts, I'm making slow, jerky progress. This weekend we applied wood preserver and then built the actual coop area. Still to do: trim, roof, egg door, window, ramp, attach the door to the run.

The roof pieces come in on Friday, but I can't put it on until I do the trim. I ordered the roof at a local lumber yard. I picked that place only because the person on the phone didn't act like a jerk when I said I wanted to order a small amount of metal seam roof. He knew what it was, but didn't know much about ordering it or even how to help me figure out what other stuff I might need. But that's ok. I'm willing to work with them because of the whole "treating a customer nicely" thing. Now, that's the place I'll go next time I need lumber that isn't just 2x4s from Home Depot.

Meanwhile the chickens are growing like weeds and have spent several two hour blocks of time outside over the last week as we've enjoyed incredibly nice weather. I was surprised to see them taking short (three feet or so) flights on the back lawn. We noticed that they've become "two handers" -- it requires two hands to pick them up now, they've grown so much. Rain's due back in the forecast as early as tonight, though, so we'll have to put up a tarp to cover the coop tonight, and the birds won't be spending much/any time outside for a while.

Also meanwhile, our neighbors have made solid progress on their coop. Oh and my daughters found out that several of their classmates have chickens at home.


  1. they really DO grow fast, don't they? one minute they're tiny little peepers, and the next they're giving us eggs!

  2. I know. I really can't wait. The kids are going crazy too. My younger daughter spent two hours in the coop/run yesterday playing "chicken"!