Monday, January 26, 2009

Update, Chickens

An update on our own urban chickens...

The coop remains unfinished as we've had some rain this week. I need to buy a roof and finish the actual hen housing area. Then, trim, maybe spruce up the floor a bit/etc. Still, if I had all the materials on hand, I think I could finish everthing in an easy weekend.

The chicks are growing so fast! It's only been a week but they have really grown! So far, the kids are doing a great job with the birds. We clean the cage every morning before school, and they (so far at least) haven't started viewing it like a "chore" --

Me: Hey kids, hurry up, we still have to do the chicken cage before we leave!
Kids: Yay! We get to clean the cage!
Me: Really? Er, I mean. Yay!
Chicks: Peep!

Our neighbors are getting close to building their own coop. Looks like they're going to build the coop and run separately. I hope they let me help, I had so much fun building ours. Also, I think they'll take my left over lumber off my hands.

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