Sunday, May 24, 2009

Side (patio) Project

The girls and I spent a few hours yesterday fixing up this barren little strip of dirt along the fence next to our patio. It would have been nice to plant some kind of flowers or ground cover there, but it's just not really a good location for plants. The girls loved this project because they got to go to the garden center place and help get the rocks. They climbed up to the top of the giant pile and began slowly choosing each rock.

After the 30th "Oooh, daddy, look at this one!" I managed to convince them that we should just fill the sacks as quickly as possible and then go home.

Here we are in progress:

And then finished, with our silly potted avocado tree way back in the corner. The trunk is shaped like a helix and it's really only still alive because we raised it from a pup (er, pit). I don't think we have the right soil/conditions/etc. for it to ever try to actually make avocados, so for now it's just there taking up space/water:

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