Monday, August 31, 2009

The Pro

Ok, here she is.

She's been fearing learning to ride for years and then suddenly, in literally 3 minutes, her older sister taught her how to ride.

Now, we cannot get her off the new bike. Yes, it's really big for her, but I stand by the decision to get one that big. She'll ride it for years, no doubt.

In other news, I'm looking at a local place that lets you borrow lenses so maybe I can get an even better action shot of her riding. I like this one, though. Dig the smile and the fairly unblury shot.


She crashed into a car in someone's driveway yesterday afternoon. She was banged up and the car was not injured... She's determined to get back on the bike today, though. Funny, another kid in the neighborhood ran into the same car in the same driveway and broke his leg two years ago. Note, the car was completely legally parked and we're all at a loss to explain it. I feel bad for the car owner though!

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