Monday, September 21, 2009

To Quote SouthWest Airlines, "It is on!"

Or something.

The contractors have come and gone, leaving a wake of estimates, proposals, and brochures. Products were pushed, services were offered.

One thing my wife and I like to do when dealing with simultaneous projects is divide the "responsibility." Typically this means that each of us will "own" a project and be responsible for scheduling contractors/etc.

For this round, my job was the Garage Door project (my lazy wife is handling the front door, side door screen, and house painting).

I'm happy to announce that the contractor for the garage door is hired, the door ordered, and we're now just waiting for delivery/installation. The screen door is ordered and will be finished off this week. The front door is ordered and we even bought the new house address numbers.

All that remains is the paint, and I think we're all set there, too.

Now, where did I put my spare jillion dollars?


Alas, no doubt the next several posts will have to do with home repair and contractors. You have been warned.

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