Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today I was out in the back yard with the kids (we were weaving palm fronds into various shapes, because, well, just because) and the chickens started making a lot of noise. Turns out one of them had something in her beak and was running away from the other two chickens.

Luckily I had my camera. Unluckily, I'm a terrible photographer.

At first I thought, and really really hoped, it was the mouse in her beak. A rather pesky mouse has taken up residence behind our compost pile. It comes out and eats our tomatoes the second they begin to ripen. (Alas, that's a whole other post...)

But this wasn't a mouse. And not a big worm either. No, it was a salamander. Poor guy. No idea how they caught him, but he's gone now. I sure hope the eggs don't start tasting... reptilian...

Of course this isn't at all new behavior for chickens. I remember reading when a fellow chicken owner caught her birds eating a small frog!

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