Saturday, October 31, 2009

Damp Run

We spent this morning working on the chickens' run. We raked out all the hay and let the place air out. We still had one low spot that was a bit damp, so it was nice to clean things up.

I ran to the local landscaping material yard and picked up about $12 worth of pea gravel and we spread that out on the floor of the run. It gave us a good two or three inch layer. Then we put down a nice dusting of DE and threw on a fresh layer of hay.

We have enough dry hay for a couple more run changes -- I'm not sure that will last us through the winter though.

Between the run cleanout and mowing the lawn, our compost bin is quite full.

The garden is still sputtering on, but the squash leaves are getting mildew, and I think it's time to shut it down for the rest of the winter. We have plans for an expanded SFG this spring, so I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. We use bark in our chicken run in the winter. It gets wet, but seems to drain better than gravel. Also, cedar bark keeps the odor down when it's damp for long periods without drying out. The cedar oil from the bark seems to do wonders for the girls' feet. It's a bit expensive, depending on how large your run is, but you might give it a try. :)