Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nanowrimo Progress

Things are progressing nicely. Today, as I tend to do nearly every day I write this November, my MC seemed to be running out of stuff to do. Then, suddenly, a flash of inspiration and another 1100 words.

The fun part for me is that these flashes often stem from some childhood memory of my own. These things ooze out of my brain, they leak onto the paper, and seep into the story.

And while I'm writing these scenes I spend a little time in fond remembrance, visiting that weird store next to Mervyn's that sold sea shells and rocks, or that weird fountain in the mall, or that little bit of forest between my cousin's house and the neighbor.

Of course, in my story they become grander, or eerier, or stranger. The little shop now also has some magic ingredients hidden in amongst the crystals and sea snail shells. The fountain is the scene of a massive brawl amongst holiday shoppers, and the forest.... Oh, that lovely forest, so filled with possibilities!

32k words and counting!


  1. The weird fountain at Eastridge? The crazy, modern art meets surplus galvanized pipe fountain?

  2. Yes, that's the one. Pic: