Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Orange House... In the middle of the street...

We did it. Yes, we painted our house orange. I wanted to paint our house ORANGE, but we went with a more subdued orange.

Or pumpkin pie, if we're feeling festive.

The neighbors? Well, some say "I see you got your house painted."

Others say things like "Good for you!"

Who knows what they're saying when we're not there. But we're happy with it. Still! It's been orange for a week or two, and I still love coming home and saying "Yep, that's ours, the orange one!"

The door isn't painted yet, though.

Check it:


Now our street goes: Tan, Beige, Green, Gray, Lt. Blue, Gray, Orange, Gray, Beige, Green, Lt. Blue, Tan.


  1. Orange, when done well, is a lovely soothing color. I love what you've done with your house! Beautiful...and just the same color as my very favorite dining room wall.