Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Garden Boxes: Finished

Ok, everything's finally done. Well, everything except for the planting...

Yes, it looks a little funky, but that's because I'm using as much leftover or recycled material as I can. 

Here we're ready to add the screen. The screen is vital because we have a big problem with squirrels and raccoons and local cats destroying our garden. Then, of course, there's the occasional chicken...

Finished! But not without casualties. The poor lime tree lost two "almost ready" limes when we moved the pot.

Also, what's this? A soldier beetle?

We had a several of these things hanging out and I let them live, hoping they were beneficial... That's the best picture I could get. I sure do want to get a macro lens for my camera!

1 comment:

  1. What kind of camera/lens do you have?

    Sometimes you can get the same effect as a macro lens if you have a zoom lens and just take a few steps back, then zoom in. Certainly it focuses more easily! At least, in my experience.