Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hawk V. Crow

We had the chickens out ranging in our back yard yesterday when we heard some crazy noises coming from directly overhead. Usually when we're looking up, we're doing so because some extra loud small plane is flying into or out of the San Carlos airport, but this time it was a crow constantly "caw"ing.

Over and over it cawed and we noticed that it was chasing a hawk! There's at least one Cooper's Hawk living in/near our neighborhood so all of us chicken-owning families have to be really careful when we let our birds out. The crow was doing a great job of harassing the hawk and occasionally the hawk would let out a raptor screech as it dove and tumbled away from the annoying crow.

Suddenly a second crow joined the fight and the hawk quickly departed. I figured it's spring, and so the crows were just protecting their nest, but it was certainly fascinating to watch! Wish I had really great/huge telephoto lens, I would have had plenty of time to capture it on film.

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