Friday, April 30, 2010


We finally have everything planted that we wanted to plant. Well, except for the blueberry bush. We'll have to figure that one later.

We went to a local-ish farm last year and brought home some "strawberry corn." We're going to try to plant some of that just for fun/grins. Our neighbors gave us some really good tomatoes last year and we saved the seeds from one of them (basically just let them dry out on a plate by the window...). We started 10 seeds and were shocked to see all 10 sprout! In fact, the neighbor came over to take one of the seedlings back because they wanted to grow the same plants again and had lost their seeds.

That said, I think we planted a bit too much in our new boxes. Things are going to be very crowded.

On the wishlist: things like room to plant watermelons/pumpkins and of course, more planter boxes.

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