Thursday, October 13, 2011

Still More Editing Notes

Just finished editing the second book. I really had fun editing this one as I went back into book one to add some seeds for plots/etc. that would be revealed in book two (and three).

But mostly I liked these rounds of edit so much because I could tell that I had continued the voice/tone I used in the second half of the first book. That made editing much easier as I went through.

Now, on to the third book where I actually have to add another chapter at the end. So I'll be doing some more substantial writing as well as editing. I hope it lives up to my expectations, as that's a long way to go for disappointment! Grin!

I have the first two books up on Lulu in .pdf and printed versions, but the cover for book two isn't done yet. And, of course, I'll need something for book three. Then? Well yeah. Then.

That's the question, isn't it?

But I need (well, want anyway) to get this all done in the next two weeks (18 days, actually). Then I'll start on the book for this year's nanowrimo. More on that (you've been warned!) later... :)

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