Sunday, March 25, 2012

Garden Going!

We finally got around to getting the garden started this weekend. We started a bunch of seeds (corn, cucumbers, beans, etc.) and planted a few starts (peas, romas, tomatillos, poblanos).

Ah, but we were only just getting started!

We also planted a dwarf mineola/tangelo in a big pot on the patio.

And we finally replaced the old avocado tree. We planted a pit, you know, like you do, about 10 years ago. It grew up to almost 6 feet tall in a big pot on our patio, but it never fruited/flowered. I figure it's not supposed to, it's probably infertile.

But who knows. So we offered it for free and found someone who actually wants a big avocado tree that's root bound and probably infertile.

Then from there we planted a few herbs and transplanted several roses and other plants around the yard.

My daughter planted Rue, Primrose, and Catmint (it her "Hunger Games" garden, funny because I don't think you're supposed to eat any of those plants).

And now we're relaxing and cleaning all the dirt out from under our nails...

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  1. Sounds like you're making excellent garden progress. The planting season is a fun time of year.