Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Planting Option

We just had some trees removed and part of the changes that brought is a new patch of ground that gets at least 7 hours of weak February sunlight per day. We're thinking that number will increase once the spring/summer arrives.

That spot used to be covered by the big ugly palm tree and we stored our chicken supplies under there in sealed garbage containers (hay, DE, pine shavings).

But now I'm thinking that we can finally  have a place to plant pumpkins. We've tried before but they take up too much space. This could be the solution. But then we'd have to find another place for the chicken supplies.

I'm thinking I'll build a small raised bed there and see what we can accomplish with some of our saved seeds from last year's pumpkins. I have some left over redwood fencing that I can use for the borders -- all I'll need is better dirt. What's there has a lot of ashes and cement chunks (from the previous owners) that I've never bothered to remove.

Seems like I have plenty of time before I need to plant them though. Another two months according to what I've read.

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