Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My First Crochet Project: The Asymetrical Beanie

Well, it's certainly not perfect, but I've managed to complete my first crochet project (well, first other than the bookmarks I made while learning the various stitches)!

I wanted to make something my younger daughter (11) would think was cool. She love strange stuff, so I had this idea of making a beanie with just one ear flap. I looked around on the web for patterns (and for how to read patterns!) and found a fairly simple beanie but nothing with one ear flap. So used that pattern and I made up the ear flap myself.

Here it is, finished (click for the larger version):

The kid loved it, and even though it's slightly too big for her, I think she might steal it.

I used a K hook and some (very) old yarn (the yarn has a $2 price tag from Wolworth's, and so that makes it over 20 years old!) we had lying around. I'm not a fan of the color (or the yarn, really), but we had plenty of it and really, this is just a practice project. I missed a few "joins" (I really should learn how to do them) and of course the stitches aren't very consistent, but I had fun making this over the last three nights. I used some double crochet, half double, single, and "weird ones I kind of made up" on the ear flap where it was a cross between a double and a triple spread across two stitches... Uh, yeah. The good news is that I think I know/understand all of the mistakes and so I could/should do much better on the next project.

If/when I make another of these, I'll use a better yarn, and make the single flap more pronounced.

AH! I just searched around a bit on the web and found another beanie/hat with one ear flap. For that one, the flap becomes a built in scarf (something I toyed with doing but gave up on). So obviously I wasn't the first to think of this (that doesn't surprise me), but I bet there aren't any other kids at school wearing something this silly!

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