Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spiral Progress

Today we went to a local farm and bought some extra pumpkins to augment our crop. Yes, I'm calling it a crop of pumpkins because we got 4 or 5 actual pumpkins this year. A miracle, I tell ya.

While we were there we picked and shucked 150 ears of "indian" corn -- 1/2 of which we left for the farm and the rest came home with us for grinding and what not. The kids LOVE the corn picking/husking, maybe because of the jillions of lady bugs/corn worms/etc. they find.

When we got home we jumped right into laying out the spiral and then got to work on digging the base trench. We're going to make this thing very level/etc. and so we dug a 4" trench which we filled 1/2 way with baserock. The idea is that the first course of leftover cement blocks will be 1/2 buried and very level, then we'll just build up from there. Fingers crossed. It's not easy to level a spiral, so we ended up just putting a bunch of stakes in the ground with twine wrapping around each of them, then we just leveled the string and filled up the trench with baserock.

That's where we ran out of juice and we'll pick it up in the morning (if I can still move my hands). The rest should go fairly quickly... Knock on wood.

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