Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Japanese" Toolbox from Make Magazine

A few years ago we received Make Magazine issue #34 in the mail and I really liked the toolbox build project it contained. This was back when Make wasn't _all_ electronics... :)

Anyway, I always meant to get around to trying to make it -- I love the sliding "locking" lid mechanism. I even went so far as to buy the wood I'd need. But after a year or two I forgot about it and the magazine got buried in the pile of subsequent Makes.

Recently, though, I went through the stack and found the issue and decided to try to make the toolbox. I pulled the wood down out of the rafters in the garage. Some of it was a bit warped, but it's just a toolbox for myself, and it won't bug me if things aren't perfect.

I used my slightly accurate table saw cross sled for many of the cuts. It works well! That said, I must have done something wrong when I put the riving knife back on because wood _always_ gets pinched between the blade and the fence when I'm not using the sled...

After I cut all the wood to length, it was time to make a real mess.

 The box is finished, time to make the lid...

It came out ok -- I'm certainly happy with it. I still need to sand it down and get rid of the rough edges/splintery bits, but the lid works, and I'm sure it will hold whatever I put in there.

Not sure if/how I'll finish it. Just sand it down? Maybe some oil/wax?

If I were to make it again, I'd use better wood and maybe some more interesting methods for fastening it together. I think making one slightly smaller (this one is 26 inches long by almost 9 tall) might be fun as well.

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