Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Broody Update

We're having no luck with the broody hen. She started being broody when we had a giant heat wave last weekend, while we were away on vacation.

We try bribing her. We've been dunking her bottom in water daily for 4 days. No luck. We keep her out of the coop for most of the day, but the second we let her have access, she's right there back on the nest.



In better news, have you ever had something sitting around that you needed to mail/ship and you just never get around to it? You know, it becomes a kind of piece of furniture and soon you're piling other stuff on top of it?

Well, I finally shipped something yesterday. It felt so good I wanted to go out and celebrate, maybe order drinks for everyone at the bar, et cetera.

Instead, we ate left overs and watched some TV. But inside? Inside I was partying like a rock star!

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  1. Ok - another idea - try to make the temp in the hen house (or wherever the lay box is) just slightly uncomfortable. It should be comfy enough to spend 3-5 minutes laying an egg, but not so comfy you'd want to camp out in there all day. This worked for one of our very broody hens. We turned off the A/C in the henhouse during the day and turned on a fan instead. It was just warm enough that she didn't want to camp out.

    If this doesn't work, I'm out of ideas.

    You might have to give her something to hatch. :)