Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekend Project: The Broody Hen

Just an aside, but doesn't "The Broody Hen" sound like a name for an old tavern?

(Robert Jordan fans might recall the crazily-named "Easing the Badger" Inn/Tavern from his epic Wheel of Time series).

Anyway, this weekend we'll see if there's anything we can do to deal with the broody hen. As usual, I got the names mixed up. It's Mohawk with the broody problem. Mathilda is still the sweetest of the three, dutifully laying her eggs even under such trying circumstances.

In a way I'm glad we're running into problems like this because I like to think that things will be easier later...

But we tried luring her out with raisins as a treat. That works ok, but she goes back in about 2 minutes after we leave. We tried closing the door to the coop for an hour at a time. That works a little because Mohawk will eat and drink a bit before settling down in the hay in her run to brood. She also goes up the ramp and inspects the door to the coop periodically.

Anyway, it's difficult to work on things with the hens when we're at work most of the day. The three day weekend should help. I'm thinking the raisin/bribe/treat trick will work if we can spend a little time with her.

I hope to accomplish a few projects in the yard this weekend, including more sprinkler work, major tree trimming (neighbors' trees have grown so much part of our garden is shaded for several extra hours each day), and just general tidying up.

Oh, and we need to buy a card reader for our new camera so we can finally offload all those images. It's probably time to post a few pics of the birds...

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