Friday, July 17, 2009

Electrical Goodness

We finally got around to hiring an electrician to take care of some of the last few wiring/lighting issues around the house. Some of these things have been bothering us since we moved in 9 years ago -- like the garage light and door opener that are "wired" via an extension cord snaked through the rafters and plugged in to a light socket extender thingy. Then there's the new stuff. Like getting the new back yard sprinkler timer wired in professionally. Yay! I think I'm more excited to have the project finished than I am by any one or two of the actual pieces. Yes, it's nice to have a bunch of grounded outlets in the garage, but it's also incredibly nice to finally cross this one off of the list!

The crew showed up right on time this morning and got right to work. I wish I were more comfortable working with electricity, but I'm just not. This is one of those projects I'm happy to not DIY.


  1. Matt did the electrical stuff at our old place, because he felt like he had to. When he switched out a breaker box (because the breakers for the old one were $200/each !!!!), I kept checking on him every three minutes to make sure he hadn't been electrocuted! I need to have 240 put in my shop for my electric kiln. I'm insisting on having a professional electrician do it. I'm too young to be a widow. :)

  2. Right! One of the first things we did when we moved in was try to fix a dual-circuit switch -- one that we did NOT know was dual-circuit. So I got a good shock, put away all the tools and never touched it again! :)