Saturday, August 21, 2010

Argh! (Or, Patience is for Squares)


Something got to the largest pomegranate. Also, something pulled the second largest one off of the stem. So that's two down. We still have a dozen more fruit on the tree, and who knows, maybe thinning things will turn out to be positive in the long run...

But, that said. ARGH! I'd been waiting years for that pomegranate.

Also, aphids moved onto the corn (soap to the rescue, hopefully) and it looks like my liberal application of BT (which, it seems Home Depot doesn't carry) has paid off in the garden as we haven't been able to find any more caterpillars/worms in there.

Also, we're fairly sure something's gotten to the giant tomato, so we'll pick it even though it's only yellow. Sure wish we could have had that thing make it all the way to red.

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