Saturday, August 28, 2010

Garden Surprise

I suppose all is not lost. We  had written off the cucumbers as a complete failure and stopped paying attention to them over a month ago.

Well, here's what we found today:

Even a lemon cucumber! There are a few more on the vine, too.

And then we have this:

No, those aren't beans or peas. Those are the pods on the potato plants. The flowers are pretty and they seem to be growing well. Perhaps we should stop watering them?


  1. OK, I can't stand by any longer waiting for someone else to tell you this: those pods are not ON the potato plant. They may be very near a potato plant, but since they're radish seed pods (with a radish flower in the background) they're very clearly on a radish plant. Go to google images, and enter "radish seed pod".

  2. Ah, bummer! I guess it's time to check and see what happened to the potatoes. Thanks!

  3. The GOOD news have radishes!