Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bird House Gourds

One of our daughters brought home a gourd plant that she started as a seed at school. All the kids in her grade did, apparently. Well, we planted it in a spare container along with some snow peas and kind of just forgot about it.

After a few weeks the thing had just taken off like a rocket and had produced tons of these really neat white flowers. They were the kind of flower that opens at night. What's that called? I keep forgetting. Anyway, we ended up with three that seemed to have survived the growing season and are now drying/curing/whatever in our garage. Apparently the process is a long one, so I still have no idea how these will turn out.

I really liked the plant and wouldn't mind planting another one this coming spring. Ours grew up next to the fence and then along a trellis-like extension. While it did get tangled up in there along with other plants, it didn't shade our vegetables or choke out any other plants except for the snowpeas. We'll have to do better with snowpeas if we decide to plant them again.

Here are the three we kept. The one in the front was harvested much earlier and so it's darker and weighs much less.


  1. They are very nice looking gourds. I've never grown gourds before, but really should try because there are quite a few uses for them including those bird houses! Are you going to save some of the seed to plant next spring?

  2. Yes, we're saving seeds. We need to sit down and come up with a plan for planting. We usually just "wing it" and we end up with things planted in wrong places, or too much of something and not enough of another.