Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Earthquake Safety

We decided that we should get a fire extinguisher for the house (kitchen/fireplace) and teach the girls how to use it. When I was younger than my older daughter, my sister and I had a fire going one night before my mom came home from her second job (that was our only source of heat) and one of the logs rolled out of the stove (it managed to push open the doors which, I'm sure, we didn't close properly). It bounced off the bricks and landed on the carpet. I started freaking out and it was my younger sister who said to get the fire extinguisher. I didn't even realize we had one! Oh, the red thing! Once I saw it, I recognized it though it took me a few seconds (maybe, 30?) to figure out how to use it. We were lucky in that all that happened was a patch of carpet in front of the bricks in front of the stove got burned/melted.

So we should teach the girls how/when to use a fire extinguisher. And I know we have an older one out in the garage, but I think that we should leave it out there for the car, and maybe get one dedicated to the house.

Oh, and while we're at it, we should teach them how to shut off the gas to the house. Maybe the water, too.

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