Sunday, September 7, 2014

Big Harvest...

I've been battling the pomegranate tree for years now. We planted it a long time ago and never really got any fruit. We'd get tons of blossoms, but they would drop before forming fruit, or just after.

One year we got a couple of small, super tart pomegranates but the following year... Nothing.

Well, this year, we had seven large fruits and while squirrels got 4 of them, I have three left. I picked two today because they began to split. Look at how huge these are! You may not be able to tell from the photo, bu that strawberry basket looks so small next to them.

And speaking of huge... Look at this egg (the one on the right)! It's from our comet/sex-link (I'm starting to think she might be part Emu!). The pinkish ones are from the gold-laced wyandote and we also have a few from the olive egger -- she just started laying too.

Now we're just waiting for the leghorn to lay and we'll have 4 different colors (which really helps us tell who laid which egg).

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