Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The New Project: Update

Things have been progressing quite slowly on the project... But here's an updated picture. Looks much better now. Still need to finish off the bottom rail and then get the base/wheels installed...


  1. Well, I was here several days ago, read through quite a few posts, and then chore time hit and I never left a comment. Whatever happened with the Critter Cam??? Were the pomegranates as tasty as they looked? Was that huge egg a double yolker? You all have done an amazing job on that sink project. What a difference!

    1. The pomegranates were perfect! Finally! The critter cam was a failure (the thing just starts taking pictures until the card is full, never waiting for "motion) and I haven't had time or the energy to dig into fixing it.

      As for Firefly's huge eggs: that's her fourth double-yoker! Wow!