Monday, February 8, 2010

Lawn (again)

This weekend I spent some time in the front yard trying to fill in these terrible "bald spots" in the lawn where we had our water main dug up/replaced over a year ago. The grass never really grew back in those trenches, even though I filled them and added grass seed early last spring. Don't get me wrong, the grass sprouted just fine, but it didn't live very long and soon the dandelions moved in...

Meh. I'm trying again this year.

But while I was out there I realized our side lawn consists of exactly 0 parts "lawn," 2 parts dandelions, and about 9 parts other weeds. I think it's about time to admit defeat and just dig the whole thing out.

The question is, what can I put there? We don't have a very formal system of rules for front yards in our neighborhood, but a garden is not really possible. Between the animals (cats, dogs, squirrels, possums, raccoons, birds) and neighborhood kids, the plants wouldn't stand a chance.

Gravel/Rocks? That's ugly and sad.

Sod? Pavers?

Maybe some kind of raised bed flower thingy...

I'd love to just widen our very narrow driveway, but that's expensive to do right, and seems like a wasted opportunity.

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