Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Lizard Brain -- Or, Dear Author...

"Dear Author, Thanks for your query..."

I recently received a rejection letter for this book I've written. The book itself began as a Nanowrimo project and it was targeted basically at my two daughters (both under 10 years of age). That it was rejected was not a shock at all. In fact, in a way I'm incredibly happy.

You see, I suffer from this affliction where I just don't want to be in the position to fail. I think I've read somewhere that it's called Lizard Brain (yep, lots of Lizard Brain stuff on the Internet). Where you are so afraid of failure that your mind comes up with ways to sabotage you or stop you from even trying.

So that's why I'm so happy. I sent in my manuscript. I really did it. Yes, the cover letter was poor (sabotage!) and I'm still not convinced that publisher would have been a good match for the book, but I'm calling it a victory because I actually *did* something.

My next cover letter will be much better. My next submission will be to a better publisher. The next draft of the book will be better. Take that, brain!

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