Tuesday, February 2, 2010

364 more?

Starting a "photo a day" or 365 Photo project is harder than it sounds. Sure, you take a picture every day and then you post it. Easydashpeasy.

But what if you're at work or in the car during the shorter daylight hours we have in Winter in the northern hemisphere? What if you don't walk past anything interesting during the day? What if you are tired of taking pictures of every square inch of the poorly lit interior of your house?

Seasoned (and by that I mean "skilled") photographers, of which I am not one, (obviously) can find something whimsical or dramatic even in their own linen closets. Alas, our linen closets seem to suffer from an extreme deficiency of "interesting."

I know that I'll pick up more skill as I take more pictures and maybe eventually get to the point where I'm able to post something interesting each day. That day has, however, not yet arrived.

But, we did find this thing sprouting in the back of one of our cupboards.

So that's officially my first photo. I haven't decided where I'll post the other 364. Probably on Flickr or something.


  1. Love the sprouting onion!

    I'm not a professional photographer, either, by any stretch of the imagination...and don't know if I could handle the "pressure" of trying to take a picture and post it every day.

    In fact, I'm lucky if I find anything interesting to say to ANYONE on any given day.

    Kudos to you!

  2. I know your life is interesting enough that just about every day would seem noteworthy to me!

    I'm actually using the buddy system to get photos posted every day. My friend and I will eventually post our shots side-by-side to see what develops (heh).