Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good People

The compost pile hit 140F and started steaming this AM. The smell, unfortunately, hasn't gone down enough. I'm eternally grateful that our neighbors aren't upset (well, enough to come talk to us about it anyway).

Today my wife went to her usual coffee shop, a tiny place wedged in between two Starbucks and a Pete's (in a downtown street that's less than a mile long). She's been going there for 20 years.

The owners gave her two old burlap coffeebean sacks today. We'll throw those over the pile to hopefully keep the flies and smell down. They're very nice people and they're always happy to see her when she comes in. They give our kids little treats, too. If I drank coffee, I'd get mine from there.

Anyway, this weekend I'll get out there and stir up the pile all over again.


  1. I confess I've never taken my compost's temperature. I ought to, just out of curiosity. What kind of thermometer do you use?

    No tips on composting egg shells. In fact I've given up. I now dry mine out, crush them, and feed them to the chickens.

  2. I confess I only take the temperature out of curiosity... I use a compost thermometer. It's basically a very long (24 inches?) probe thermometer.

    And as for the egg shells, that's what I suspect we'll end up doing. We've been reluctant because we didn't want the birds to associate eggs and food, but I've read about lots of people doing what you do.