Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pop Door, Finally

I finally got around to installing a pop door on the enclosed run for the chickens. It's been a LONG time coming. For the last couple of years we've just been opening the regular, full-sized door whenever we want to let them out to run around the netted area we have set aside for them. The problem is that we have to leave the door open in order to let them go back in to the coop/run to get food/water and lay eggs.

And that meant having to rearrange the netting every time. Also the birds would make a huge mess kicking around their hay/etc. and then the door wouldn't close/etc.

Anyway, here it is. I was able to use the left over materials from when we built the run originally. The window lock is from some windows we salvaged. Unfortunately I didn't have hinges that would work so I had to go buy those.

I've had this project on my todo list for about two years now. It feels really, really good to cross that one off the list!


  1. well, you're ahead of me for sure...I'm still wishing for the chickens themselves
    I love your coop - do you need lots of space for chickens??

  2. I've read that chickens need at least 10 - 12 Sqft per bird in a run. Our run is 32 feet (plus 8 more sqft in the coop) and we have three birds. But it's raccoon and hawk proof so they stay there during the day. We also let them out (via the new door!) to range around in the yard a bit.

    Our city allows 3 hens, no roosters. Have you checked out your city's regulations?