Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garden Zooming

This last weekend had us out in the garden quite a bit. We've managed to plant corn in 8 pots -- our experiment continues. This was the only way we could grow corn due to space limitations (I still don't have the OK to rip out half the lawn) and we can move them later in the season if we find a better spot for sun.

Many of the plants are doing well. This is a tomatillo. These are usually the most beautiful plants in the garden. We've had good luck with them in the past so my fingers are crossed.

The blueberries seem to be going crazy. Just look at all of these:

No idea if they'll survive though... Some critter is coming along and eating the strawberries just before they're ripe enough to pick.

And, speaking of critters. I found a couple of these things flying around in the yard. Are they yellow jackets?


  1. Well, your strawberries look like mine. :)

    I've never heard of anyone planting corn in pots so I'm very curious about how it will work. Corn is a great plant, so I wish you success!

  2. Thanks, we'll take it!

    Last year we did ok. Had some strawberry popcorn that did well (one pot, 3 plants, 6 ears). Our "indian" corn generated plenty ears, but the pollination didn't work so hardly any kernels. Hoping for better luck this year.