Friday, April 20, 2012

Want to help a new writer?

It's time to push on to the next step with my writing. Do you want to have early access to a book? I'm looking for some beta readers for my "middle grade" level book.

I've put together an ARC (advance reader copy) with all three books crammed together. Let me know in the comments if you're interested and I'll send you a copy. I can send you a .pdf. I also have a couple copies of the printed versions I can hand out, but I'm not sure the best way to do that yet. Maybe if you want a printed version you can make your case in the comments.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate your help. I've had these books proofread a few times, had an editor go over the first book, and have had them read to and by about 50 5th graders and a couple of teachers, so hopefully you won't be tripping over too many typos (though I'm sure I've missed a few). I think the books work well from 4th grade up through 7th or 8th; however, it should be fun enough to read as an adult too.

If reading through all three books is too much, I'd be happy with your thoughts on the first book (160-ish pages).

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  1. Please include me. I would love to help. @janers