Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lime Time (Thyme)

Our little potted lime tree is going nuts. Just look at these clumps of fruit/blooms. The whole thing is covered like this (click the image for a larger version):

I'm wondering if we need to thin these ourselves or if the tree will do so itself. The other citrus around the place (potted key lime, tangelo, Meyer lemon) are having similarly good showings.

Not shown in this picture is the pot this lime tree lives in. At some point, some thyme started growing in the pot and we didn't bother pulling it out. Now, the entire pot is overflowing with thyme, which we've ignored and so it's flowering. That, combined with the lime blossoms and the citrus smell, makes it one of our favorite places in the yard.


  1. We've had the same blessing on our lime and lemon trees this year across town from you, and, on the advice of my "master gardener" mother, I've thinned the fruit.

    (Don't tell her I double-checked the research as to why I should do it aside from "because she said so," but this blog post has a great explanation as to why you should do it: )

  2. Ah, it makes sense. Will do. Thanks! We do have some great weather, eh?