Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some Garden Stuff

Well, the corn sure is taking off:

We've rearranged them a bit, but we'll put them together in pods once they're starting to form tassels/etc. I think it's about time to fertilize them. We'll make some compost tea this weekend.

We have a couple of volunteers over in the old box. Looks like some kind of squash/cucumber type plant and a tomato. We're letting them go for now:

We started some sunflower seeds a while ago and two of them grew up quickly. I transplanted them into what we're calling the pumpkin bed (starting those this weekend) and in the time it took me to plant them and then go fill a watering can, a neighbor's cat had jumped the fence and landed on the bed, knocking one of the sunflowers down. I propped it up with a stick:

Let's just say that I can't stand the constant parade of cats, squirrels, and raccoons that use our fence as a highway.

Finally, here's the mint garden that we started years and years ago. It just keeps growing whether we water it or not. We pulled out most of it recently and this is how much it's grown back already. We made some mint flavored simple syrup for cocktails... Oh, and if you look closely you can see some asian lillies (at least, that's what our neighbor tells me they are) sprouting up.


  1. I know some people don't like mint because it grows so wild, but I LOVE mint and am planting variations of it - chocolate mint, lemon mint - all over the place. I hope it grows as well as the mint you've got going.

    Your corn looks great!

  2. So glad to see the corn doing well. And the volunteers. I never seem to be able to pull out volunteers. They are always welcome!

  3. :) Yep, we just can't seem to do it, so volunteers win. Sometimes we try to transplant them (usually that kills them...).

    As for mint, we had several kinds growing in there. Not sure what varieties have survived. One of favorites was chocolate mint.

    We're really hoping the corn works out. We plan on using it mostly to feed the chickens (it's maize) as treats. But we'll grind some and make corn meal for us too...